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Cold Blast in Wisco

The midwest has been hit hard this winter. We are breaking weather records left and right, and while we certainly don’t have it as bad as Minneapolis, these temperatures are starting to take a slight toll on me.


Pictured here is my aforementioned boyfriend, Bryan, and I on our winter getaway to a Wisconsin B&B last month. We hiked eight miles on a twelve degree day and it felt GREAT.

Why am I telling you this? Because that cool, crisp air doesn’t feel great anymore. It hurts my face. Here’s the current weather in Milwaukee:


The last two days have included waking up to wind chills of -15 and -20, and if that’s not a “Polar Vortex,” I don’t know what is.

Luckily, I have a nice workout facility at my college where I’ve been able to continue my half marathon training. My apartment is south-facing with free heat, so I get to continue wearing my grandma-esque nighties to bed. These are luxuries that I have not forgotten about.

So I will continue to wait patiently for summer. I’m dreaming of warm nights, cold beer, fish fry, long walks, patios, farmers markets, kayaking, delicious produce, and dresses. AND THOSE ARE JUST A FEW OF THE THINGS.

To combat this cold, here’s some stuff I’ve been doing to put an extra smile or two on my own face:

-Adding a spoonful of Nutella to my hot chocolate. I know.

– Trying new recipes! If I can’t be outside, I suppose it can’t hurt to experiment with different things to put in my quesadilla. Recent discovery: Cheddar, green apples, and stone-ground mustard.

-Brewing vanilla hazelnut flavored coffee. Yum.

Stay warm, and have a great weekend! Brrrrr.


Vegetarian Recipe: Tuscan Salad

Welcome to my first blog post ever! As of right now, this blog doesn’t even have a real name. The blogger doesn’t own a fancy camera. And I’m a college student with a limited budget. GOOD NEWS! All of these things are subject to change. If you’re willing to hang around for a little bit, keep reading for a recap of my Sunday and a vegetarian recipe adaptation that I created this afternoon.


I woke up around 8am to start studying for midterms this week. I’m an accounting student, so I really don’t have much of a life on weekends. Or weekdays. Or nights. But that’s okay, because it’ll all work out in the end, right? RIGHT?

Ahem. So I woke up and studied until about 2, except for a lunch break that included watching the second episode of the second season of House of Cards. If you’re not a fan of the show, it’s a Netflix original series that just rolled out it’s second season on February 14th. My boyfriend, Bryan (you’ll hear more about him later), and I are pretty hooked on it.


After studying, I headed out for a run. I’m training for a half marathon, and today ended my first week of training. I’m following Hal Higdon’s 12-week novice training program. Today was a 4 mile run, followed by a trip to the grocery store to get ingredients for a Tuscan Salad!


So, I’m not a vegetarian, but I’ve been trying to cook more meals sans meat to benefit both my health and my wallet. Today’s vegetarian recipe was inspired by a salad that I had on Valentine’s Day at a restaurant called Cafe Lulu. YUM – so epic. Here’s my adaptation of the salad:

Tuscan Salad, inspired by Cafe Lulu


1 romaine heart, sliced up

1 handful baby spinach

Red onion slices

Sun-dried tomatoes

2 T Sunflower seeds

1/4 cup reduced fat bleu cheese crumbles (I may or may not have thrown in a few extra creamy chunks) 🙂

10 grapes (optional)

3 T Balsamic Vinaigrette (homemade, recipe to come!)

Directions: Toss ingredients together and enjoy!

Cafe Lulu used gorgonzola and pine nuts because they’re fancy like that, but I used bleu cheese and sunflower seeds to scale back the costs just a bit. If you’re skeptical that this meatless meal is actually epic, this salad would be great with a chicken breast on top if you need some extra protein! I’ll try to take pictures of my food next time, but I completely forgot tonight. I wolfed this salad down like nobody’s business.

The rest of my night will be filled with studying and stress, but I’ll get through it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend!