Meet Dylly

Dylly is my cat. She’s a real sass and pretty much runs the house.


Dylly Fun Facts: 

1. She’s named after Jacob Dylan.

2. She was born in Michigan 3 years ago.

3. Her favorite place on earth is a warped basket above the radiator.



4. She can’t be alone. Not now, not ever. She’s laying on my forearm as I’m trying to type. Below is a photo that demonstrates my inability to get away for just one minute, even when using the restroom.



5. She used to be so little. I know that’s not really a fun fact, but this picture melts my heart.



OK, one more…



…And now she’s purring like an engine. It’s like she knows I’m writing about her.


I’m about as tired as Dylly was in this picture. I think she only got 17 hours of sleep that day, so she was extra cranky.

Goodnight. 🙂



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