50 Fun Facts

Want to know a some random things about me? Get to know me better, friends!

1. I have very wide feet.

2. I will never have enough sweaters to wear around the house.

3. Cookies and milk can turn almost any day around.

4. I’ve climbed a 14,000 foot mountain.

5. My mom is one of my best friends.

6. I’m a midwestern cliche – I have a big ol’ cheese basket in my fridge.

7. I nicknamed my cat Booger for absolutely no reason.

8. I hate talking on the phone.

9. My go-to drink is an Old Fashioned.

10. I’m kind of old-fashioned.

11. I really want to have my own goats someday.

12. I wear nightgowns, full-blown nightgowns.

13. I love to run. It’s my “me” time.

14. I look forward to grocery shopping. It’s very weird.

15. I’m not very good at keeping plants alive, but the idea of having them is always so exciting.

16. I love maxi dresses. And all dresses, really.

17. Going out for Friday fish fry and a beer is one of my favorite summertime activities.

18. I absolutely love camping.

19. I need my alone time, or I get a wee bit snippy.

20. My closets are a mess.

21. I got a Nintendo 64 for Christmas when I was 12. I’m still playing it.

22. The first big purchase I ever made was a mattress and a down comforter. Relaxation is key.

23. I do not understand people who top their frozen yogurt with fruit. DO YOU SEE THE OREOS?

24. I’ve lived in 4 apartments in 4 years.

25. I make a mean apple pie.

26. Sometimes I wish I were one of those people who could pull off a flannel shirt and large-framed glasses.

27. Sometimes I wish I were one of those people who could pull off high-waisted shorts.

28. I love Collectivo coffee – I think it is the best in Milwaukee.

29. I am an active Yelper.

30. I had to leave my hometown in order to actually appreciate it.

31. I was one of those people who had a good middle school experience. And yes, I was absolutely insane and my classmates thought so too.

32. My friends love(d) me anyway.

33. I hate vacuuming so much.

34. Bryan vacuums.

35. I channel Chelsea Handler, The Pioneer Woman, and Martha Stuart.

36. The result of my channeling is a stressed out and slightly wacky short blonde woman.

37. I am a planner through and through. I put stuff on my to-do list for the sole purpose of crossing it off.

38. Cooking and baking is my life.

39. My favorite shows are Girls, House of Cards, and The Newsroom.

40. Sandwiches are literally ten times better if they are grilled. No, one hundred.

41. I get so pissed off at my boyfriend when eats soup out of a can.

42. I break a glass/bowl/plate at least once per month.

43. Bryan and I bought a Subaru last year, and it is the JAM.

44. I can play Euchre and Sheepshead.

45. My last meal would be a Mexican feast, topped off with a huge slice of cake with so much frosting you wouldn’t even see the cake.

46. I get positively giddy over buying anything new for my kitchen.

47. Hiking is the best ever, and I would do it every day if I lived near a trail.

48. I grew up in a small lake town, and I think that’s why I absolutely adore everything about lakes.

49. I dream of having a closet just for linens someday. That’s when I know I’ll have truly made it in life.

50. I live with my boyfriend of 4 years, and he is so kewl.


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