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Relieving Food Poisoning

Yes, I’m still alive. Although I don’t have any viewership yet, I’m starting to get a little bit attached to blogging and feel guilty that I haven’t posted in days. I would love to say that my lack of writing had something to do with my riveting social life or crazy work schedule, but…

I’ve spent the last 3 days in bed.

Yes, bed. And I’m going CRAZY. I am the type of person that cannot spend a day doing absolutely nothing. I love being active, and my Type A personality is the cherry on top. However, some things can’t be helped. Like food poisoning.

How it all went down:

For lack of a better description, food-borne illnesses just plain suck. To remain discretionary, I wanted to keep the name of the restaurant culprit a secret, but let’s just say I won’t be going back. Last Tuesday night, Bryan and I had just finished up with our midterms, and decided we were going to take ourselves out for dinner. When we sat down, it took us about 10 minutes to get the attention of any of the servers. We weren’t in any kind of a rush, but our waitress told us she was putting our order “on the fly.” We were all for that because we were absolutely starving.

This is where I should have connected some dots. My meal was a chopped salad topped with a grilled chicken breast, and the order came out very quickly. I dug in thinking, “I wish the chicken was warmer.” And it didn’t have any grill marks on it. Grrr, what’s wrong with me?

Anyway, about 32 hours after ingesting that lovely salad, all hell broke loose. I’m diagnosing myself with Salmonella after referencing this extremely useful article that I think would help anyone suffering from a form of food poisoning: http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/food-poisoning/basics/definition/con-20031705

I will spare you the details on all of my symptoms, but let’s just say I had most of them. Fever, chills, excrements, body aches, nausea. I would like to share a few of the tactics I used for my fight against the poison, to serve the greater good.

Here are my quick tips to relieve discomfort during a food-borne illness:

1. Stay hydrated. I drank water, ginger tea, white soda, and even a green smoothie. You will need all the liquid replenishment you can get. I’ve heard that drinks with electrolytes, such as gatorade, are very helpful as well.

I highly recommend this tea:


2. Rest, rest, rest. Get as much sleep as you possibly can! I slept ten hours every night I was sick, plus naps. I’m the type of person who normally gets 7 hours of sleep and feels fantastic. Your body needs extra rest to fight the bacteria inside of you, so don’t do anything strenuous during your inevitable waking hours. Sit down and set up your Netflix.

3. Be a brat. Ever heard of the BRAT diet? It stands for Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, and Toast. These foods are pantry staples and easy on the intestines. This is important – do not eat anything with dairy, caffeine, alcohol, or spice until symptoms subside. You will be very sad, and by sad I mean heavy abdominal cramps.

Well, that’s my weekend in a nutshell. I’m going to go eat more applesauce and watch yet another episode of Sex and the City. Seriously, these girls are getting me through.


Note: I am NOT a physician, nor do I have any expertise on medical-related information. These are just my tips for attempting to relieve the debilitating symptoms that may come with food poisoning. ALWAYS contact your doctor if you need medical attention or have questions regarding your health.