Long Underwear is Funny

This afternoon as I was getting ready to leave the gym, I had a little thought. A silly thought.

“I’d be lost without my long underwear.”

Then I laughed because my sixteen-year-old self is rolling her eyes at me.

Don’t get me wrong…long underwear still bugs the heck out of me. Wearing TWO pairs of pants? Um, most mornings I can barely convince myself to wear one. Sometimes I honestly feel like a sausage being stuffed inside of its casing. However, I stand by the statement that it’s the only reason I’ve survived this unforgiving Wisconsin winter (10th coldest winter on record for Milwaukee!).

I was marveling at how much I simultaneously love and loathe my long johns to Bryan the other day, and he chuckled and said, “Long underwear is funny.” I said something along the lines of, “What? How is it funny? We’ve had to stuff ourselves inside of it every day for the last 3 months!” I simply view it as a survival tactic.

Two hours later I get this text:


My Long Underwear

Long underwear is funny.